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Biometric Controller(BSL-0608)
Introduction:Semi-conductor swipe fingerprint verification - High performance-cost ratio


Biometric Controller(BSL-0608)

Item No.:BSL-0608


Biometric Controller(BSL-0608)
BSL-0608 series are our newly developed fingerprint products with high performance-cost ratio. Incorporated with swiping fingerprint sensor, this series of controllers feature the battery saving design with one 9v battery operation.
FPC-0608 series of Fingerprint Entrypads are designed for convenient sliding mounting with two simple and easy ways of unlocking by a finger swipe or a code and easy operations with audio-video signals. Combined with our patented heavy duty EL-0601 Electronic Actuator or EL-0603 Electronic Solenoid, it provides a complete control system to safeguard your safes.


                        Polished Brass                                                           Brushed Chrome


1. 10 Fingerprints & 1 code capacity
2. Semiconductor swipe fingerprint verification
3. Administrator’s control on enrollment and deletion
4. Fast verification within 2 seconds of swiping a finger
5. No fingerprint remnant stain to ensure stable performance and easy operation
6. Battery saving design with one 9V battery operation and low battery alert
7. Patented and UL listed heavy duty EL-0601 Electronic Actuator
8. Long life span with 10,000,000 operations
9. Audio-video signals



Registration Capacity 10 fingerprints + 1 codes
Verification Time 0.2 seconds
False Rejection Rate (FRR) < 0.1%
False Acceptance Rate (FAR) < 0.0001%
Standby Current < 30 uA
Power Supply One 9V alkaline battery*
Battery Life Span 2000~3000 operations
Battery Low Voltage 6.0±2V
Operating Temperature -20 °C ~ +70°C
Operating Humidity 10% ~ 80%

 *Due to the difference in battery capacity, the biometric controller is tested based on 850mA.h battery capacity.

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