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Electronic Comb. Controller(ECSL-0601A)
Introduction:UL Approval - High Cost/ Performance Ratio

Model Number: ECSL-0601A

Description: Electronic Combination Controller

Electronic Combination Controller Series are newly developed electronic series products. Combined with our UL approved and patented heavy duty EL-0601 Electronic Actuator, the Controller provides a complete lock system to safeguard your safes. Digital Entry Pad is designed for convenient sliding mounting in an easy way of unlocking by passwords.

                               Polished Brass                                                      Brushed Chorme




ECSL-0601A Basic Series
◆ UL listed assurance
◆ Manager plus one user code
◆ Wrong entries penalty
◆ Audio signals
◆ Standby status
◆ One 9V alkaline battery power supply
◆ Low battery alert

◆ One super code lock reset
◆ Single and Dual User modes
◆ Programmable Time Delay and Time Window


                                                                      Electronic Actuator


Power Supply One 9V Alkaline battery (Recommend DuracellTM)
Power Supply Range DC 4.5V ~ 12V
Password Length 6 digits
Standby Current <15uA
Active Current <20mA
Battery Low Voltage 5.2±0.2V
Operating Humidity (Max.) 90%
Time Delay 0 ~ 44 minutes (ECSL-0601A-D)
Time Window 0 ~ 20 minutes (ECSL-0601A-D)

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